Unicycle Max 2006 New England Tour

It’s a long road to higher education, 750 miles long to be precise. That’s how far Max DeMilner travelled in May 2006 on his unicycle in order to raise money for his college tuition. The journey took him through the city streets of Boston, the Green Mountains of Vermont, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and all the scenic New England roads inbetween. Along the way he spent time mixing it up with the locals, making them laugh, sharing stories, and accepting donations from the generous people and businesses throughout the region. Thanks to the kindness of Max’s new friends throughout New England, he was successful in raising the money needed to go back to school.

This is Max's route through New England

This is Max's route through New England

The original UnicycleMax.com website that was used to track Max’s progress during his solo journey later became the inspiration for Ride The Lobster.


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